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“…this [verdict] was in no small part due to your careful analysis and [truly phenomenal] work on the stand.”

— Plaintiff Attorney

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What We Do: Case Examples

Industrial / Ergonomics

Personal Injury: Pinched Inside a Manlift

A hotel employee was pinned between the belt and the hood of an upward manlift, resulting in T12/L1 paraplegia. *Did the incident occur as he alleges? *What was the mechanism of the incident? *What was the biomechanical load to his spine?

Personal Injury: Forklift Operator

A forklift operator was transporting a 460 lbs “A” frame. Due to slippery and uneven ground condition, the forklift lurched and bounced, and the operator unintentionally pushed the tilt control lever forward. Subsequently, the “A” frame fell toward the operator and hit his head. *What was the mechanism of the fall of the “A” frame? *What was the impact force that the “A” frame imposed on the operator’s head?

Personal Injury: Work-Related Disorder

A railroad employee was diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) after over 20 years of work as a maintenance-of-way and a machine operator. *Did the cumulative effects of his work-related activities contribute to his foot disorders?

Personal Injury: Fall From Rebar Structure

A construction worker engaged in building the reinforced curtain of steel on a sludge storage tank fell and suffered an ankle fracture and severe sprains and strains to his back. *Was the company negligent in failing to use every device, care and precaution, which was practicable to use for the protection and safety of employees?

Wrongful Death: Industrial Exhaust Fan

A 58 year-old woman working in a greenhouse was directed to separate plants on a wobbly and unsecured table. While working, she fell into the exposed blades of an unguarded commercial fan, causing severe injuries to her right elbow, torso, back, and internal organs. The woman was conscious for a period of time following the accident, despite losing part of her liver and lungs, then died as a result of her injuries after enduring great pain and suffering.*What was the sequence of injuries? *What forces did the fan blades impart on the woman?

Personal Injury: Cargo Accident

A 25 year-old man was assisting in the unloading of cargo from an airplane into a truck. Once the truck was stopped about 18” from the plane, he stepped between the truck and the airplane. As the truck driver was preparing to exit the vehicle, the truck continued to move backwards, crushing the man between the vertical edge of the open truck door and the airplane, causing bilateral basilar skull fractures, resulting in a coma. *Which direction was the man facing when his head was crushed? *Would the same scenario have resulted had the truck initially been parked 36” away from the plane?