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What We Do: Case Examples

Orthopaedic Treatment / Malpractice

Products Liability: UHMWPE

The UHMWPE tibial component of a group of unicondylar prostheses were sterilized by gamma radiation in air and stored for extended periods. After implantation, the devices failed by severe pitting and delamination. *What were the mechanisms of failure? *Were the failures the consequence of overloading or the sterilization and storage procedures? *What are the long term consequences of these implant failures?

Products Liability: Fractured Stem of Total Hip Replacement

A 61-year-old female weighing 190 pounds presented to the emergency room in severe pain and unable to walk. Radiographs revealed a fractured total hip replacement. *What was the mechanism of failure? *Was the failure the consequence of overloading of an undersized prosthesis? *Was the failure the consequence of an inherent design defect?

Products Liability: Manufacturing Defect

A 65-year-old male with a comminuted fracture of the patella was treated using a cerclage system. Five months later the patient suffered a rupture of the patellar ligament and it was noted that the cable locking system had slipped. *What was the mechanism of failure? *Was the failure of the locking system the consequence of flawed manufacturing and inspection procedures?