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What We Do: Case Examples

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury: High-Speed Rear-End

A 40 year old female was the operator of a vehicle that was rear-ended at high speed while stopped at an intersection. The impact propelled her vehicle into the vehicle in front of her. The operator sustained a closed head injury and disc herniations of the cervical and lumbar spine. *What were the speeds involved? *What were the mechanism of injury?

Personal Injury: Loss of Control

A passenger car lost control while navigating a freeway onramp resulting in a collision with a tractor-trailer. *What caused the loss-of-control? *What were the speeds involved? *Could the tractor-trailer operator have performed a successful avoidance maneuver?

Personal Injury: T-Bone Collision

A 40 year old female was the operator of a van that was T-boned by a BMW sedan at a rural intersection. The female operator was ejected from the vehicle, sustaining a fractured neck with associated quadriplegia. *What were the speeds involved? *Did the operator of the BMW “run” the stop sign? *Would the operator of the van had sustained a comparable injury had she been wearing her seatbelt?

Personal Injury: Pedestrian Collision

A teenage student was driving to school when she collided with a mother and child that were crossing the roadway. *What was the impact speed? *What were the positions and gait speeds of the pedestrians? *Did the operator apply the brakes *Was there sufficient time to perceive the pedestrians and apply the brakes? *Had the operator been reasonably attentive, could the impact have been avoided?

Personal Injury: Low Speed Rear Impact

A 55 year old male was the operator of a sedan that was rear-end while stopped at the bottom of a highway off ramp. The collision event produced minimal visible damage to both vehicles. *What was the impact speed? *What were motions and forces imposed on the operator? *Were the induced occupant motions/forces sufficient to cause the alleged injuries?

Personal Injury: Head-On Collision

A 26 year old pregnant woman was involved in a head-on collision along a rural two lane road. As a result of the collision, the pregnant woman sustained severe injuries and lost her pregnancy. -What were the vehicle speeds at impact? -In which lane did the collision occur?

Personal Injury: Fatal Rollover

A 49 year old male lost control of his SUV while negotiating a freeway off ramp. As a result, the vehicle left the roadway surface and struck a nearby tree. The collision produced severe vehicle roof crush, which resulted in occupant sustaining a fatal head injury. -What was the speed of the SUV? -Would the operator of the SUV have survived had if the tree was not present?

Personal Injury: Pedestrian Impact

A 44 year-old man was crossing a street at a major intersection when struck by a Sheriff Deputy’s patrol car in the early hours of the morning, resulting in severe injury. *Based on scene evidence, was the pedstrian within a cross-walk when struck? *Given lighting conditions at the time, was the pedetstrian visible to the driver of the patrol car? *Was the patrol car driving the speed limit at impact?