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“Mark Erickson was excellent today. Well prepared, well presented, and he held up against a tough lawyer on the other side.”

— Defense Attorney

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What We Do: Services Offered

For a case involving accident and injury reconstruction, Hayes + Associates, Inc. would typically:

Conduct initial consultation

We provide an initial no-cost consultation to review case history, evidence, records available, and information required; discuss potential injury mechanisms, provide preliminary time and cost estimates.


Review documents

We analyze radiographs, MRI’s, CT’s and other medical records; summarize case documents and depositions and police, witness and expert reports.

Visit the accident site

We inspect vehicles, equipment and other features; document with digital photography, videography and other measurement tools in ways suitable for the preparation of trial exhibits.

Review relevant literature

We identify and review relevant scientific, medical and engineering research literature.


Create computer models

We produce computer analyses and/or experimental simulations of the injury event; relate the applied forces to data on human tolerance limits.

Keep clients informed

Provide clients with verbal updates and written reports as appropriate and requested.

Create materials for trial presentation

Prepare documentation and exhibits for deposition and trial, including photographs, charts, anatomic and engineering models and computer-assisted animations.

Provide Video/teleconferencing services

Videoconferencing and teleconferencing capabilities are available for remote consultation or testimony; we can assist clients in identifying local videoconferencing services or establishing web-based capabilities.