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“All of the jurors told us they were most impressed with [Dr. Hayes’s] explanation of the medical causation issue…no one had ‘compared the impact from the incident to the impacts experienced in the ordinary activities of daily living’…They clearly felt [Dr. Hayes’s] explanation was the most persuasive evidence they had in 3 ½ weeks of trial and their short deliberation supports it.”

— Defense Attorney, after speaking with jurors following a Defense Verdict

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Erik D. Power, M.S., P.E.

Erik D. Power, M.S., P.E., consults in the areas of vehicular accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics. He is a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of Oregon, and a Fully Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist. Mr. Power earned his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration on injury biomechanics from Virginia Tech, where he worked in the Virginia Tech Center for Injury Biomechanics Laboratory. He also has prior work experience as a biomechanical engineering contractor for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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