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“All of the jurors told us they were most impressed with [Dr. Hayes’s] explanation of the medical causation issue…no one had ‘compared the impact from the incident to the impacts experienced in the ordinary activities of daily living’…They clearly felt [Dr. Hayes’s] explanation was the most persuasive evidence they had in 3 ½ weeks of trial and their short deliberation supports it.”

— Defense Attorney, after speaking with jurors following a Defense Verdict

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Jamie J. Kruzic, Ph.D.


Jamie J. Kruzic, Ph.D., is a faculty member in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University who specializes in studying the mechanisms of fracture and fatigue failure of materials. In addition to his academic research in this area, Dr. Kruzic also has extensive experience in failure analysis consulting. As a consultant for Hayes & Associates, Dr. Kruzic performs failure analysis and provides general expertise in materials science for cases involving failed implants.

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