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“As a lawyer in…who has retained Toby let me tell you this, he is the BEST OF THE BEST in the business. Highest qualified. Most thorough. Best testifier. Incredibly “normal” on the stand and in person. And super likable to a jury. I remain the biggest fan of this man and his company! Truly second to no one I’ve ever seen in this business in my 33 years trying cases.”

— Plaintiff Attorney

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Mark S. Erickson, M.S., P.E.


Mark S. Erickson, M.S., P.E., is a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of Oregon and a Fully Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR # 1345). His expertise lies in three-dimensional simulation of single and multiple vehicle collisions, scene investigation, and vehicle damage analysis. Other areas of specialization include: mechanical failure analysis and dynamic modeling of complex multi-body systems, including biodynamic human modeling. Mr. Erickson is also certified by the FAA as a Remote Pilot for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).

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