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“A few jurors spoke with me after the [Defense] verdict was read…a HUGE part of their decision was based on [Erik Power’s] testimony. They found
him very credible [and] knowledgeable.”

— Defense Attorney

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Why We’re Different

Client-Centered Approach

From early initial consultation to the final stages of trial preparation, Hayes + Associates keeps our clients at the center of a rigorous and comprehensive process of case preparation. We believe in always being accessible and in keeping our clients part of the process at every step along the way.

Hayes + Associates provides medical and radiographic records review, discovery summaries, critical literature reviews keyed toward client trial preparation, and a complete range of trial exhibits: photography, videography, scientific charts, anatomic and engineering drawings and models, and engineering-based, real-time courtroom animations. Hayes + Associates is also a full service firm. Our opinions on injury biomechanics are supported by accident site and vehicle inspections, computerized accident reconstruction, and a full range of failure analysis services including metallography, mechanical testing and complete microscopy capabilities.

And we make a special commitment to seeing that you are prepared for trial. We make key literature available, provide draft exhibits well in advance of trial, and work with you to ensure that our analyses and opinions are brought into clear focus for the jury and are synergistic with the rest of your case.

Model of our client-centered approach