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“[Dr. Hayes] Your trial demeanor, preparation and presentation far exceed my ‘lofty expectations,’ and was instrumental in resulting in a defense verdict…within 15 minutes!”

— Defense Attorney

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Why We’re Different

Comprehensive Expertise

Many consulting firms can do animations. Some can do engineering simulations of mechanical events like motor vehicle collisions. Few can do validated modeling of the human body. And even fewer can bring to bear science-based techniques, based on national injury standards, in support of opinions on the likelihood of injury.

At Hayes + Associates we believe that every injury analysis and every courtroom animation must be grounded in three steps: an engineering re-creation of the event; a validated model of the forces on the human body and a rigorous comparison of traumatic forces against widely accepted human tolerance limits. In support of this uniquely comprehensive approach, Hayes + Associates involves in each case appropriate members of our multidisciplinary team: a mechanical engineer who is also a certified accident reconstructionist; a biomechanical engineer with research experience at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; a senior ergonomist with long-standing experience in occupational injuries; a bioengineer with special expertise in graphics and forensic animation; two orthopaedic surgeons, one with special expertise in spinal injuries and the other in joint replacement; a registered nurse for the review of medical records; and a senior biological scientist with expertise in epidemiology, statistical evaluation and literature reviews. At Hayes + Associates, our team is your team—a team dedicated to the needs of your case.

At Hayes + Associates, we also believe that information is our most precious resource. We bring to bear on each new case the knowledge base, analytical tools, and literature resources from those cases that have gone before. We have a fully stocked library on injury biomechanics and a complete set of electronic resources for searching medical and engineering literature and the applicable case law. At Hayes + Associates, your case begins where previous cases leave off. You take advantage of all that has gone before.